Zero waste is an important, cost effective strategy for any organization. WOW currently uses a zero waste initiative during their trip downtown (SLO Bound). Empower Poly also stresses the importance of sustainability and zero waste initiatives.

Anyway, I wanted to write to the Mustang Daily to challenge all of the candidates running for a spot within ASI this week to try and push for a zero waste campaign. There has been so much paper waste, food waste, etc. during this campaign and so much more could be done to get the word out. A pure grassroots campaign is the best way to win important elections such as these.

I’m sure some are wondering what zero waste means. Put simply zero waste is an idea to extend the current ideas of recycling to form a circular system where as much waste as possible is reused, similar to the way it is in nature.

I ask all of the ASI candidates to please consider a zero waste campaign in the future, and good luck with the elections.

Adrian V. Herrera
Aerospace engineering senior

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