I saw that the Mustang Daily editors have endorsed Matt Taylor for ASI president and I completely agree. The two main reasons why I am voting for Matt are his concern for students and, like the editors pointed out, the fact that he has already begun to act on a number of his campaign issues.

Not only has Matt started investing in the implementation of ASI podcasts, but he has also been working on another of his campaign issues: the auditing system for graduation. At Cal Poly it takes four quarters to a student to receive her graduation evaluation – that is much too long! Matt recognizes this and along with others on the ASI Board of Directors has been investigating what we would need to install a live, online audit system that would give a student instantaneous results. This evidence of Matt’s determination to make [it] happen is just one of the many reasons why I think Matt Taylor is the best candidate for ASI president. Please visit the polls and cast your vote for him.

Natalie Smith
English junior

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