I was just concerned about the course of action this city has taken toward an event that was supposed to unify the community not divide and conquer it. Lets take a look at the definition of fascism – oppressive, dictatorial control. I think this word sums up the path the city chose to take this Mardi Gras weekend.

The city’s overreaction to a riot in 2004 that was sparked off by the confrontation and direct challenge by police toward a crowd of partying students is not justified. I have lived in Cedar Creek since this summer and I have been thinking of moving into a house for some months now. What I experienced this weekend along with other certain circumstances has solidified my decision to move out and get a room in a house. The police made Cedar Creek look like a prison, installing cameras, stadium lights and the use of residency and guest passes to get in and out.

This is the land of the free right? I come from the Bay Area and I have never experienced anything near fascism, and here in Central California I got a taste of it. I think this city’s discrimination toward students is not fair in any sense; I like to think about what this city would look like without students. A good solution would be to do what Santa Barbara does and let the students party with police supervision – not intimidation and a showing of brute force. This is the U.S., not a dictatorship.

Genaro Rodriguez

Political science junior

Secretary of the Political Science club for Cal Poly

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