You want specifics? I’ll start with Jack. Didn’t you write that you don’t like to stereotype? Has something changed? Your entire editorial was rife with stereotypes of conservatives. All that aside, you ignore the fact that liberals are doing just as much to erode personal freedoms as conservatives. Is it conservatives that want to ban handguns in San Francisco? Was it conservatives that prompted the re-writing of California text books to be more “politically correct?” Is it conservatives that insist on separate admission criteria to universities based on ethnicity? Hacking away at the Second Amendment, rewriting history to omit anything unpalatable and affirmative action are just as bad as anything you accuse conservatives of.

Your turn, Brian. Why do your religious leaders feel the need to meddle with people’s lives? Why should non-Christians be bound by the rules of Christianity? Telling adults who they can and can’t marry and telling women they can’t have abortions is in the same ideological ballpark as forcing women to wear burkas. Unless you plan on marrying another man or having an abortion, those issues are none of your business. Some things shouldn’t be up to the government.

You’re both exactly the same. Each of you thinks that you know how to better run other people’s lives, and go about your own means of preaching. Instead of arguing with each other, you should combine forces and really get to work at telling everybody how to lead their lives.

Assaf Kremer

Computer engineering senior

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