No thank you or any kind of gratitude needs to be given to us students, Mr. Morton. The ones that deserve the credit are the over 350 “peace officers” from all over the state that put this town into such a paranoid fear over the weekend that even things as sneezing in front of a cop made you feel like it would be cause enough for them to throw you in county lock-up or at least get you a “triple” fine.

The only reason there were no major problems as in years’ past was solely because of the number of cops lining every street corner and the rows of them on their shiny motorcycles outside the bars waiting with pen in hand to give out tickets for whatever worthless offense they could find. All I’m saying is do not give credit where credit is not due. Thank the cops, city council and especially the tax payers because they are the ones who paid for all the wasted police overtime, just don’t thank the students.

Andrew Murray

Construction management junior

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