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Streets lined with classic cars, food and game booths and live music are all things that trigger memories of car shows. This weekend, Pismo had its own show to make some memories for the people of the city.

The event lasted three days and each one was different.

“Saturday is the main day, that’s when most the spectators come out,” said Les Davidson, 64, owner of the show.

Friday was for registration and for the vendors to set up their booths, said Davidson. However, the nighttime was when “the party gets started,” he said. The night came with live entertainment and food at the Hot Rod Bar and Grill, a large booth set up in the beach parking lot.

Though Friday night is fun, Saturday is full of attractions. Most of the day a DJ plays, said Davidson. “There is a magic show and definitely karaoke on Saturday,” he said.

The activities were interesting, but the main reason for the weekend was the cars; the streets were lined with cars from several eras. Muscle cars were the main ones out there, said Davidson. “They are mostly three makes: Chevy, Ford and Chrysler. A few others come, but that is what most are,” he said.

Saturday was for spectators, but Sunday was the most important day for the owners as the cars were judged and trophies were awarded for prizes such as best in show.

Everyday, cars lined the pier, beach parking lot and streets of Pismo. “I really liked that there were cars on the pier,” said nutrition junior Maeve Blessing. “There is an incredible view of the ocean.”

This weekend, only 25,000 to 30,000 spectators were expected to show up, said Davidson. “The rain will probably keep them from coming out,” he said.

However, it didn’t keep everyone from attending. “It’s so pretty out here and it’s totally different than anything else I’ve been to,” Blessing said. “My favorite car was the blue Belair and I loved the kettle corn stand.”

The show has been happening in Pismo for two years, said Davidson. In June, the same company, Just Cruzin’ Productions, puts on a weeklong show in the same location. The company has put on four shows total since they received the license, he said.

In June, 125,000 people showed up to the show called the Pismo Beach Classic.

So far, there have not been any conflicts during the shows, said Davidson. “This is very tightly controlled and we have strict rules that nobody gets outside of,” he said. In all four shows, no insurance claims have been filed, he said.

“The people that show up at the shows are typically car people,” said Davidson. “They don’t get too wild,” he said.

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