There is no more funding to distribute to clubs on campus, as reported during the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors meeting on Jan. 22, but this is not the first time. 

For the past few years, club funding at Cal Poly has not been able to last throughout the entire academic year. 

The report shared by ASI Club Funding co-sponsorship liaison and political science sophomore Brian Kragh stated that $102,492.50 was allocated to clubs. Kragh serves as the ASI Board of Directors representative for the College of Liberal Arts.

“It’s been a problem in terms of trying to fund all clubs because there’s only a certain portion that can be allocated to club funding,” Kragh said. “And we have been running out, normally, during the winter quarter.”

Club funding comes from mandatory ASI fees that students pay. Chair of the ASI Board of Directors and political science junior Rob Moore explained how increasing the amount of club money available would mean charging more for the ASI student fee. 

“There’s a finite amount of money, and so the only way that we can get more money for club funding — because club funding money comes from student fees — would be to increase student fees, and we don’t want to do that to students,” Moore said. 

According to the Cal Poly website, there are more than 300 clubs on campus. Clubs can receive a club sponsorship of $450 once a year at any point in the academic year, but the money is allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“When more clubs apply for the money every year, the interest shrinks,” Moore said. “It was $500 for a very long time. This last year, the board lowered it to $450 to stretch it a little bit. And this year, I created an ad hoc sub committee on club funding to figure out a long-term solution.”

Liberal studies sophomore Nicki Butler, the ASI Club Funding co-sponsorship liaison, leads the ASI club funding ad hoc committee. The committee recently completed training and has begun action-planning to approach the ongoing problem.

“We started talking about how we can reach out to key stakeholders, which are our clubs on campus, about processes and practices in the club funding process,” Butler said during the meeting. “We decided the best way to do this would be an electronic survey sent out to all clubs, trying to gauge what they think club funding should be doing and what they think of our process as it is now, so we’re currently working on developing that survey and getting it finalized.”

The ad hoc committee will continue approaching the lack of club funding throughout the year and plans to provide a thorough report in April of how to fix this issue for the future.

Editor’s Note: The amount of ASI funds budgeted for clubs has been clarified.  

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