J.J. Jenkins is a journalism freshman and Mustang Daily freshman columnist.

Romance gets all the press in the spring months. Between watching your friends pair off and being part of an increasing number of three-wheeled parties, spring love is constantly in the air.

But many Cal Poly students, unlike most college students coming out of winter hibernation, have to deal with the added pressure of finding co-mance. I’m talking about finding that elusive “co” during spring training for Week of Welcome (WOW). Cos partner up during spring training to help each other lead a group of incoming students known as WOWies.

For some it’s a difficult process. For others, it is co-love at first sight. In many ways, finding a co is similar to choosing a roommate for next year; the wrong choice, and you’re stuck in a dead-end commitment that will breed hate and disgust. But choose right, and you (and your WOWies) could be greatly rewarded.

My co-mance began the first night I arrived on campus. Bored, my roommate and I set out through the dorms to knock on doors and meet our neighbors. Yet, as we turned the first corner I set eyes on her and knew she was the one … and so did my roommate.

But we were on completely different levels. Within a month, my roommate and the girl, Katie, were smitten with each other and living happily ever after. From my perspective, this was great, because she would be the perfect co.

During fall quarter, we both knew we wanted to be WOW leaders in the fall (who can deny the chance to yell “WOWie” at terrified freshmen?), and it became apparent Katie and I were very co-mantic.

OK, you’re right. I basically just stole my roommate’s girlfriend. But hey, for those of you who are desperately searching for co-love before the deadline hits in a couple of weeks, I’m telling you, stealing your friend’s significant other is a perfect way to find the perfect fit.

Being scared freshmen, terrified we would not make friends, the group hung out and became fast friends, and eventually formed three pairs of future WOW leaders.

The only problem now is one of our friends was abandoned by her future teammate — co-breakup. We’ve told her this decision is the most important of her life, and she should attend the find-a-co socials put on by the WOW Board, but she does not seem to listen.

For that reason, if you too are searching for the co-love of your life, shoot me an email, and I’ll get you together. However, she may have multiple suitors, so I cannot guarantee anything.

But before we can take control of the lives of a few incoming students next fall, we have to go through the arduous process of sitting on the hardwood of the Chumash Auditorium for three hours every Tuesday night for 10 weeks — spring training.

Anyone whose butt can withstand that torture is overqualified to lead incoming students through their first week at Cal Poly. The real training mostly involves singing odd songs (during WOW I’ll leave all singing to my co), a bit of situational discussions and a lot of double entendres.

Each week of critical spring training has a theme that promotes the wearing of the craziest outfits imaginable. This can make it tough to find a co. I know there is no chance my co would have chosen me had she first met me on YouTube night.

Somehow my “friends” convinced me that a hilarious outfit could be taken from Saturday Night Live’s Lonely Island rap group. Let’s just say I wore a chain and turtleneck sweater, and there may or may not be a picture of it on Facebook.

Though, through it all, our butts have come out stronger and more qualified to endure all the walking, running, mounting (your mustang of course) and whatever the heck else we do during WOW-A-Rama in September.

My co and I have even started to plan our week – a running list of the activities our future WOWies absolutely must experience.

What’s on the top of the list?

I’m not going to tell you because that is the best kept secret at Cal Poly. I will say most of our activities involve chocolate, Yogurt Creations, general craziness … and all of those combined.

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  1. Ah, good ol’ WOW. Finding a co is definitely like finding a roommate. Just because you’re really good friends doesn’t mean that you will live well together, just like it doesn’t mean that you will be good co’s together. I did WOW for 4 years and found that people were the happiest when they had a co that complimented their weaknesses and vice-versa, while still having similar interests. It’s difficult to find, and you definitely shouldn’t settle (it’s for the incoming students after all), because when you work well together your wowies will feel it and it will make their whole experience that much better.

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