Aaron Wolf (right). | Courtesy photo

Computer science sophomore Aaron Wolf was killed by an Amtrak train Saturday evening near Sweet Bay Lane in San Luis Obispo, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Wolf’s death is still under investigation by the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Coroner’s Office. His autopsy was conducted on Wednesday.

He was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity. On Monday night, some of Wolf’s roommates, friends and brothers came together to share stories about Wolf and talk about who he was.

Materials engineering sophomore and Wolf’s roommate Luc Tousignant talked about Wolf’s goofy attitude and pleasant company.

“You could hang out with him every minute and he would always have something new to say and have a new way to entertain you,” Tousignant said. “He just made everyone happy.”

Computer engineering sophomore and TKE member Dane Low talked about Wolf’s talent for music and passion for Super Smash Bros. Wolf played piano, trombone, guitar, drums, ukulele and the cajon.

“You could put any instrument in front of him and he could figure it out. But he never bragged about it; he was so humble,” Low said. “Same goes for Smash Bros. He wrecked everyone as Bowser.”

Friends shared memories about Wolf’s easygoing nature and calming presence. They talked about Wolf’s ability to get through any bad news or stressful situation with ease, and about his natural intelligence.

“He probably went to class half as much as me and made dean’s list,” civil engineering sophomore Jennifer White said. “He just knew everything and got stuff done without trying.”

Wolf was originally from Danville, Calif., where he lived with his mother Marcia Gerg, father Mitchell Wolf, sister Amanda Wolf and grandfather Robert Alexander.

According to Amanda Wolf, he had recently accepted an internship at Cisco Systems in San Francisco and was planning on spending the summer with his family in the East Bay.

“He was so gentle and brought so much joy and a sense of calm to our family,” Amanda Wolf said. “He was all of our best friends.”

Business administration junior and TKE president CJ Estores has set up a memorial fund on gofundme.com to help the Wolf family cover the cost of a memorial service.

Estores was also Wolf’s “big brother” in TKE. He said that a loss in the brotherhood only made it stronger.

“I think it makes you appreciate the relationships that you have, not only with the people in your fraternity, but with your mother and your father, your brothers and sisters,” Estores said. “Go and tell your family that you love them.”

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