By Gracie Kitayama and Sophie Kroesche Credit: Gracie Kitayama and Sophie Kroesche | Mustang News

San Luis Obispo County reported 49 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28, according to County Public Health. This is the most new COVID-19 cases reported in one day since Aug. 29, when 61 new cases were reported.

Three students living on campus and seven students living off campus tested positive for COVID-19 since Oct. 27, according to the university’s coronavirus dashboard updated Wednesday morning.

The Cal Poly students were tested by Campus Health and Wellbeing or Avellino Labs, Cal Poly’s ongoing testing program provider. The university’s coronavirus dashboard does not account for positive COVID-19 results identified at off-campus testing locations. 

Eight University Housing residents are isolated in on-campus apartment after testing positive for COVID-19, according to the dashboard.

Following exposure to someone with coronavirus, 29 more University Housing residents are quarantined.  One student was released from quarantine since Oct. 27.  A total of 30 students are currently quarantined. 

An additional 35 residents are quarantined-in-place after potential COVID-19 exposure in University Housing, bringing the total number of students quarantined-in-place to 90.

There are 178 active COVID-19 cases in San Luis Obispo County. Of these COVID-19 patients, 171 are recovering at home, six are hospitalized and one is in intensive care, according to County Public Health.  Thirty-two people have died from the virus in the county.

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