San Luis Obispo County has 2,093 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Friday, August 7 — up 46 cases from yesterday.

Of the total cases, 1,716 people have recovered, 340 are ill and recovering at home, and 20 are hospitalized. Seven of the hospitalized patients are in intensive care.

Fifteen people have died due to COVID-19. Two deaths are under investigation.

Total COVID-19 Cases

This week, the county reported a total of 253 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Last week, the county reported a total of 229 confirmed COVID-19 cases from Sunday, September 26 to Friday, September 31.

COVID-19 Cases Reported this Week

Twenty of the county’s 369 hospital beds are in use, and seven of the county’s 53 intensive care unit (ICU) beds are in use, according to county public health.

Eighty-six percent of ventilators are available in the county, the state reported.

According to the state, 353,820 N-95 respirators, 1,259,000 procedure masks, 32,280 face shields and 434,200 gloves have been distributed in the county.

Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in SLO County

More than half of the cases can be attributed to person-to-person contact or in person spread, and about 40 percent of the cases are under investigation.

The county reported that 629 people contracted the virus from person-to-person contact, 497 people contracted the virus from community spread, 145 people contracted the virus through travel and 822 cases are under investigation.

Coronavirus Cases by City

There are 208 cases of coronavirus in those zero to 17-years-old, 573 in ages 18 to 29-years-old, 682 in 30 to 49-years-old, 388 in 50 to 64-years-old, 193 in 65 to 84-years-old and 48 in 85-years-old and older. The age of one patient is under investigation. 

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