No San Luis Obispo County residents are in quarantine as of March 12, according to SLO County Health Care Access Division Manager Michelle Shoresman. 

However, some residents have been placed on a “self-observation status,” meaning they can leave their homes, but must report to County Public Health if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms, according to Shoresman. This includes the students who Cal Poly reported were in self-quarantine after returning from high-risk areas. She did not disclose how many people are on self-observation status.

Their risk of infection was too low for County Public Health to ask them to quarantine, Shoresman said. 

San Luis Obispo County has “sufficient testing supplies to keep up with the demand based on the current rate of referrals we are receiving from health care providers,” Shoresman wrote in an email to Mustang News. She did not disclose the exact number of COVID-19 test kits in the county. 

Health care providers are instructed to screen patients to decide if they should receive a COVID-19 test. If the patient meets the criteria, they will be referred to the County Public Health Department to receive a test, according to Shoresman. 

Cal Poly does not have any testing kits for coronavirus at this time — all testing is bing done by the county. 

The county is able to order more test kits if necessary, Shoresman wrote.

People can call the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Information Line at 805-788-2903 to hear the latest updates, Shoresman wrote. 

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