The annual Cal Poly vs UC Santa Barbara men’s soccer match and Halloween weekend fell on the same weekend this year, Oct. 28-31, but the number of total criminal offenses was lower than last year.

More people were asked to leave or were denied entry into the soccer match due to alcohol compared to last year, according to university spokesperson Matt Lazier.

Although more people were arrested for public intoxication this year, fewer alcohol-related incidents were cited, he said.

“We are happy to report that this year’s soccer match and surrounding Halloween weekend were generally safe and quiet and were not out of line with what we have seen in previous years,” Lazier said.

At the game, University Police Department (UPD) reported 14 arrests made for public intoxication. One of the people arrested on public intoxication charges was also charged with possession of cocaine, Lazier said.

Over the weekend, UPD made 26 arrests for alcohol-related incidents and nine arrests for alcohol-related medical calls. Two of these people were transported to the hospital.

As the annual soccer match against UC Santa Barbara has increased in popularity, the university’s response has grown, according to Lazier.

“As always, UPD and the university are focused on the safety and well-being of our students and other campus community members and visitors at all times,” he said.

San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) Captain Chris Staley said they too reported less arrests for this weekend with both Halloween and the Blue-Green Rivalry match combined, compared to last year when they were on separate weekends.

This year, SLOPD reported 18 arrests, 11 involving drugs/alcohol during the coinciding events.

During Halloween 2016, 35 arrests were made, 22 involving drugs/alcohol. At the UC Santa Barbara match in 2016, 40 arrests were made, 30 involving drugs/alcohol.

SLOPD said they are unsure why there was a drop in numbers this year.

“We hope it was the education leading up to the weekend events. We had pretty much the same deployment of officers and resources on for both of the time frames,” Staley said.

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