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Protestors in opposition to Donald Trump erupted all over the country this weekend. San Luis Obispo was no exception; Cal Poly students walked out of class in protest on Friday and there were more protests downtown Friday evening.

In downtown San Luis Obispo, protesters dressed in black gathered to “mourn” the inauguration of Donald Trump. People held signs saying things such as “Illegitimate president,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Not my president.”

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“Trump has no right to be president. He won by devious means,” protester Robert Radin said. “The whole thing is
totally illegitimate.”

His words echoed throughout much of the rest of the group who felt Donald Trump is unfit to run the country. Many also felt his ideas and values are not shared by the rest of the country.

“I’m protesting because I feel that the morals and values I have are not the ones held by Donald Trump,” protestor Maddie Fugle said. “He makes derogatory comments that I don’t agree with.”

The group of about 20 people chanted “Not my president,”and “Donald Trump go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!”

The protest started at 5:30 p.m. with about 10 people in attendance and that number slowly grew throughout the evening. As more people arrived, police officers began to circle the area. One officer came to speak to the group and remind them that while they have the right to protest and have their voices heard, they would be ticketed if they blocked roadways.

The group made its way through parts of downtown chanting, holding their signs and earning honks and cheers of agreement from passing cars and pedestrians.

There were more protests to follow, including the local Women’s March in San Luis Obispo that was held on Saturday.

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