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The California Faculty Association (CFA) held a rally Thursday on Dexter Lawn to commemorate the “Day of the Lecturer,” part of Cal Poly’s “Fair Employment Week” activities.

The rally called attention to Cal Poly lecturers, who do not receive tenure and have less job security than professors.

Lewis Call, the lecturer representative for the CFA’s Cal Poly chapter, led the rally to provide information on the association’s “no” stance on Propositions 75 and 76 for the Nov. 8 special election.

Proposition 75, also known as “Paycheck Protection,” gives workers in the public sector, such as police officers, firefighters and teachers the right to choose whether union dues from their paychecks should be used for political purposes, according to the California Recovery Team.

“The proposition is merely an attempt to bog down the system by the governor,” said Joe Lynch, former philosophy associate professor.

Many of Cal Poly’s part-time lecturers teach at several colleges to earn enough money for living expenses, according to a CFA press release.

One Cal Poly professor, Karen Sime, drives from Berkeley to San Luis Obispo several times a week to teach PPSC, People, Pests and Plagues.

Gail Wilson, a retired member of CFA who spent 24 years as a part-time lecturer, said that the governor is spreading key misinformation to get what he wants.

“People won’t be interested in voting on money uses and there would be more government control,” Wilson said of Proposition 75 if it passes.

Information about the propositions can be found at California’s Web site, as well as CFA’s Web site The election will also decide proposed discounts on prescription drugs, school funding and state spending, as well as notification of a minor’s intent to terminate a pregnancy.

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