The California State University (CSU) system extended their application deadline for high school and transfer students from Nov. 30 to Dec. 15 at 11:59 p.m., they announced in a press release. Students who already submitted their applications cannot go back and change them. 

They extended the deadline to support students struggling with challenges from COVID-19, according to the press release. 

After students submit their applications they can visit the financial aid website to apply for financial aid. 

The application deadline to the CSU system was also extended in November 2018 due to wildfires.

The CSU does not have any indication that less people have applied this year than usual, CSU Chancellor’s Office Spokesperson Hazel Kelly wrote in an email. 

Nationwide, the undergraduate enrollment to four year universities is decreasing, but enrollment at the CSU System is increasing. This fall, the CSU system enrolled its largest ever student body — with 485,549 students across 23 campuses. 

Though the CSU hasn’t seen a decline in enrollment, Cal Poly has. Cal Poly’s undergraduate applications are down by 34% compared to last year and down by 20% compared to this same time in 2019, according to an email from Assistant Vice Provost Terrance Harris.

Danielle McNair, a high school senior in Atherton, Calif. applied to 16 schools, but the only CSU she applied to was Cal Poly. 

I applied because I fell in love with Cal Poly at a young age and it was not too far away from home, so I could come back anytime I wanted,” McNair said. 

Online learning during the global pandemic has not deterred McNair from wanting to go to a four year university directly after graduating high school. 

“As a driven student and strong study habits, online college does not entirely bum me out as I can stay on top of my work and avoid procrastination,” McNair said. “However, from a social perspective, not getting to meet new people, interact with peers, professors, and utilize SLO would be a slight bummer.”

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