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Contacted the evening that news broke that McMillan had been arrested, current Delta Sigma Phi President and business administration senior Derek Morefield was still trying to make sense of the situation.

“I’ve been getting calls the past hour, so I’m slowly gathering all kinds of information right now,” Morefield said.

Morefield said that the fraternity is waiting to see what the investigation into McMillan’s charges reveals, and will then take action. Morefield said if McMillan was in possession of illegal drugs, that he would be removed from the fraternity.

“We’re not going to stand for anything like that,” Morefield said.

Morefield said he had spoken briefly with Cal Poly officials about the arrest, and that he is in contact with his national fraternity representatives.

Original post:

The San Luis Obispo police department has arrested nutrition senior Gear McMillan, a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, on charges of possessing marijuana for sales and the possession of a controlled substance in the form of non-prescription medication.

The arrest came while investigating the armed robbery attempt at the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on Aug. 10, in which five Cal Poly football players were arrested.

According to a San Luis Police Department press release, investigators were told that part of the motive for the robbery may have been to take cash and illegal drugs from the fraternity house.

In looking into the connection, investigators determined that enough evidence pointed to the possibility of illegal drugs being sold from the fraternity house. Investigators obtained a search warrant and searched the fraternity house on Thursday morning, the press release said.

During the search, investigators found evidence that indicated the possession and sale of marijuana.

According to San Luis Obispo Police Captain Keith Storton, McMillan was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of and selling marijuana, as well as being in possession of a controlled substance, in the form of non-prescription medication.

Storton said he could not disclose whether any of the drugs discovered where Xanax, which was found on the scene of a shooting involving former Cal Poly player Geoffrey Hyde in November 2013. Early reports on the robbery said Xanax may have been involved in this latest incident.

When asked about the possibility of further arrests, Storton left the possibility open, saying the investigation was ongoing, but that “we have nothing going on right now to arrest anyone else.”

McMillan is the former Delta Sigma Phi president, and a current chapter house resident. Soon after the robbery, when McMillan was asked about the possibility of drugs being a factor in the robbery, he said:

“If there was something like that, I would know.”

San Luis Obispo Police Chief Stephen Gesell included a statement in the press release, saying drugs were a variable that led to the armed robbery, which put the lives of police officers and bystanders at risk.

Gesell noted that officers were willing to risk their lives to protect members of the fraternity.

“For some of those very same people to deny culpability and brazenly continue to ‘do business’ without recognition of this fact is disturbing. We hope the real consequences levied today will ultimately have a positive impact in the lives of others,” Gesell wrote.

Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier issued a statement, saying there is no place for illegal activity at Cal Poly, and student conduct violations would be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

“We remain committed to cooperating with the San Luis Obispo Police Department and providing whatever support we can as they continue their investigation,” Lazier wrote.

Derek Morefield — current Delta Sigma Phi president — and Kathryn O’Hagan — coordinator of fraternity and sorority life — could not be reached as of 4 p.m. Thursday.

Kyle McCarty, Celina Oseguera, Morgan Butler, Kayla Missman and Leah Horner contributed to this report. 

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  1. Xanex is a ‘prescription’ medicine, not non-prescription. I believe what the writer intended to say was that the drug was not prescribed for McMillan.

  2. What an arrogant bastard McMillan is, just a blatant disregard for any rules lawpolicy or even simple honesty and integrity.

    1. Tapper7: That was my son, Brian Gillis, who was given a fatal dose of GHB mixed with Gatorade on Sigma Chi premises on April 3,2002. The SLOPD, SLODA and Cal Polly covered up Brian’s death big time. They tried to close the case 3 days after the Sigma Chi punks finally called the in Brian’s death to the SLOP, at least 10 hours later after they put Brian in his own truck, drove him to Stenner Glen, carried him 3 flights and left him on his bed while they all met and made up a story to cover their asses.. We had to do a civil suit because the SLOPD and DA would not make an arrest and closed the case even before Brian’s funeral and what caused his death was made known to us. We proved in our civil suit after 15 depositions, who provided the GHB and mixed it with the Gatorade as well. An older Sigma Chi brother, Nick Potter, testified that Sigma Chi had been mixing GHB and Gatorade for at least 2 years and storing in their refrigerators, know to them as “faderade”. At lease 2 of the Sigma Chi boys directly involved in Brian’s death also sexually assaulted girls prior to my son being accepted to Cal Poly. But good old DA Gerry Shea always lets the Cal Poly boys plead this type of attack down to a misdemeanor by calling it “domestic violence.” Just 2 months after Brian’s death (June 2002), then Sigma Chi chapter president, David Seminsky (a real bad punk), was told he could not hold a party, but he did anyway and got arrested. All he got was another slap on the wrist. The head of Judicial Affairs at the time of Brian’s death told us, “David Seminsky has been a thorn in my side since enrolling at Cal Poly, and I’d like nothing better that to dismiss him from the university today.” And, you are also correct in that Sigma Chi had been suspended for 25 years from Cal Poly’s Greek system for illegal hazing, kidnapping, and almost killing Cal Poly student because he was gay. That boys parents contacted us when Brian died, and David Seminsky was the ring leader on that incident as well. All of the Sigma Chi brothers involved in that terrible ordeal should have been expelled immediately. But, no, Cal Poly takes the easy way out an suspends the chapter instead. That way they still get their tuition money and feel they are not responsible for anything these punks do. Well, they would not be at Cal Poly if the school did not let them and then stay when they kill someone. Also, a judge’s son from Sigma Chi is involved in Brian’s death.

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