Credit: Chloe Lovejoy | Mustang News

Due to the forecasted storm and atmospheric river, the Cal Poly Department of Emergency Management informed students and faculty to be flexible about potential travel delays or obstacles. 

Classes and campus operations on Friday are scheduled to continue as usual.  

The storm conditions are forecasted to start Thursday night and continue through Saturday, with San Luis Obispo County anticipating three to five inches of rain. 

San Luis Obispo County’ Emergency Services Director has issued a proclamation issuing a local emergency, effective today a 2 p.m.

An emergency evacuation alert has been issued for residents near the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee and Oceano Lagoon. 

A Red Cross shelter is now open at Cal Poly Campus Crandall Gym, 1 Grand Ave. Volunteers are on-site to provide safe shelter, meals, snacks, water, emotional support and more; pets are welcome.

The Prepare SLO website advises those that live in areas that easily flood to “consider placing sandbags around your home for added protection.” 

Previously, on Jan. 9, an emergency alert was issued and classes were canceled due to storm conditions and extreme flooding. 

“The health and safety of the campus community is the university’s utmost priority, and I urge you to take precautions to keep yourself and others safe,” the email read, also adding that Cal Poly’s Department of Emergency Management will monitor the weather.

 Any emergency alerts will be sent via Poly Alert and emails. Further updates and announcements can be found here.