I was impressed with the sexual assault display on Dexter Lawn until I saw the sign that SAFER put up next to it. On one side it said something to the effect of, “No one deserves to be raped,” and on the other it said “Men can stop rape.”

I’ll say what I know others have said before me: Women are not the only victims of rape. Men are not the only perpetrators.

While this display may have good intentions, it creates a biased message that demonizes men and victimizes women. Messages like this contribute to the reason that fewer men than women come forward about rape. Rape is a traumatic event for any victim regardless of gender, and we have to stop perpetuating the gender bias that is so prevalent today.

If you’re going to promote awareness, please present it correctly. Don’t omit an entire group of people simply because it’s not socially accepted.

Liz Sullivan

English sophomore

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