SAFER sends an inappropriate and disrespectful message to Cal Poly students.

While viewing the display SAFER assembled on Dexter Lawn this past Tuesday I was impressed to see the incorporation of men as rape victims in their statistics. However, I was appalled at the sandwich board that stated “Men can stop rape.” This is just one of the many statements SAFER has made that labels men, and only men, as the cause of sexual assault.

As a WOW leader this fall, I sat through a SAFER presentation that made light of sexual assault and gave every incoming student a card that said “Rape is never a woman’s fault.” If the woman is raping a man, is it still not her fault? Several flyers posted around campus regarding helping survivors of sexual assault use non-gender specific terms, but there are many that place the blame on men. Even the Remember posters only include statistics with women as victims. As a woman, I have been thoroughly offended by SAFER’s actions this year. I cannot even begin to imagine how a man feels. SAFER is polluting this campus with propaganda that is ignorant, inaccurate and sexist. As an on-campus resource, SAFER should hold a neutral position. The organization itself seems neutral enough, but I feel that the people involved need to get their facts and motives straight and stop pointing fingers.

Ashley Brahmstedt

Business administration junior

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