Greek Week competitors fill Petra Wednesday evening to raise money for the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter. | Maggie Kaiserman/Mustang News

Celina Oseguera

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Even with only two main events, Greek Week’s third day was just as exciting as Monday and Tuesday. The Greek teams, broken up into Hunger Games-themed “districts,” played hard as they competed against one another to gain points on Wednesday.

1. Basketball at the gym

The districts hit the courts in a series of basketball games. There were two men’s brackets and one women’s bracket in the tournament. In the first men’s bracket, Pi Kappa Alpha came out on top. By getting first, they won points for District 7. In the second men’s bracket, Tau Kappa Epsilon got the gold, earning points for District 1. In the women’s bracket, Gamma Phi Beta snagged first place, bringing glory (and points) to District 2.

2. Petra fundraiser

Petra — a Mediterranean food restaurant in San Luis Obispo — dished out food to customers, with 15 percent of the earnings they made during fundraising hours on Wednesday going to the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter in San Luis Obispo.

As of now, here are the district rankings.

First: District 5 (gold)

Second: District 8 (lime)

Third District 2 (red)

Fourth: District 6 (maroon)

Fifth: District 4 (purple)

Sixth: District 7 (light blue)

Seventh: District 1 (dark blue)

Eighth District 3 (green)

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