Greek teams battled in the Multi-Activity Center for points on the second day of Greek Week. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Celina Oseguera
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Day two of Greek Week was just as activity-filled as the first. The teams, broken into Hunger Games-themed “districts,” competed to earn more points as the week moved forward.

1. Yogurt Creations and The Habit fundraisers

Students flooded the Yogurt Creations on campus while the downtown location got a few visitors as well. The Habit in downtown San Luis Obispo got quite a few customers. The money raised from the fundraisers will go toward the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter in San Luis Obispo.

2. Dodgeball at the Multi-Activity Center (MAC)

District 4 (purple) snagged first place from District 5 (gold) during the dodgeball games at the MAC.

3. Bowling and cans at Mustang Lanes

In order to participate in this competition, districts had to collect a minimum of 100 food cans. District 8 won the bowling match and raised the most cans at a total of 460 cans. District 3 was close behind in the can count with 420 cans. The districts collectively gathered 2,000 cans, which will all be donated to the SLO Food Bank.

As of now, here are the district rankings.

First: District 6 (maroon)

Second: District 4 (purple)

Third: District 8 (lime)

Fourth: District 5 (gold)

Fifth: District 2 (red)

Sixth: District 3 (green)

Seventh: District 7 (light blue)

Eighth: District 1 (dark blue)

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