Erica A. Stewart | Courtesy Photo

Erica Stewart won reelection for SLO mayor with 70% of the vote, according to the county’s initial report.

This will be Stewart’s first full-term as mayor – she was previously appointed by the city board to finish Heidi Herman’s term in late 2021. 

“They want to see great change and continue the good work that we are currently doing as well,” Stewart said in reaction to initial poll results. 

As a Cal Poly alumna, Stewart has maintained the university as a focus in her role at the city. Mustang News conducted an interview one-on-one with Stewart in the lead-up to Tuesday’s election.

“I’m not always Cal Poly proud, but I am really pleased that I went here,” Stewart said. 

Stewart’s platform is focused heavily on diversity issues, hopes to help the housing crisis in SLO and more aid to unhoused people in the city. Since her time as a SLO Mayor, Stewart has appointed a SLO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion manager and created a crisis unit to support members of the community who are experiencing mental health challenges. 

The newly reelected mayor also aims to spearhead projects to reduce the city’s effect on climate change, improve public transportation services in the community and support local business in the midst of implications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to her campaign website.

Stewart also shared her goals to get the community engaged in April’s preliminary budget with Mustang News.

“My next goal for the next four weeks is really pushing that saying, ‘hey, respond,’” she said. “The Cal Poly students, you’re all here through December 10 … this is the time to get your voice really heard.”

For more information on Stewart’s platform, check out her website at