The Broad Street Public House and Eureka! will be hosting events this week featuring the highly sought-after craft beer Pliny the Younger. 

Eureka! is tapping the infamous Pliny the Younger on Tuesday, Feb.25 at 3 p.m. The sold-out tickets were $13 for a 9 oz beer. They will be donating $5 from each ticket purchase to the American Cancer Society. 

This week, Broad Street Public House will also be tapping a keg of the limited-edition beer. The pub released one keg of this craft beer last Saturday, Feb. 22. They will post on Instagram on the day of its release within the next four days when the beer will be served again. People will have half an hour to get to the bar before they start pouring the beer. They are estimating it will sell out in an hour and a half.

What’s so special about this beer?

Pliny the Younger is released once a year by The Russian River Brewing Co. The craft beer is a Triple IPA, meaning that it is higher in alcohol and has more hops than an IPA or double IPA beer. The alcohol content is around 10.25 percent. 

Pliny the Younger was made for the first time in 2005 as a winter seasonal brew, building upon the Pliny the Elder recipe that they serve year round.

Eureka! bartender Alex Silva said said Pliny the Younger is unique because of its crisp and smooth finish with a higher alcohol content. 

“For beer lovers, this beer is the best of both worlds. It’s getting the bang for your buck,” Silva said.

Russian River Brewing Co. was put on the map by its craft beer Pliny the Elder, which is a double IPA. Both Broad Street Public House and Eureka! serve this beer on tap.

The Broad Street Public House sells the most Pliny the Elder in San Luis Obispo, and it is the only bar in the county to get two kegs Pliny of the Younger when it is released, according to Broad Street Public House owner Matt Cross. Cross said Russian River Brewing Co. has mastered their marketing strategy and that is the reason the beer gets so much attention. 

“They have this beer and they put it out once a year, and people line up outside their brewery,” Cross said. “For a long time, people had to go to the brewery and wait overnight to get Pliny the Younger. It’s a badge of honor.”

Junior sociology major Sophia Bonk has a cabin in Russian River she often visits. 

“I’ve heard of people who have waited outside the brewery for hours to try it,” Bonk said. “It’s a big deal in the Russian River and Santa Rosa area.

Cross said when Russian River Brewing Co. approaches bars about their beers, they do not easily offer it up. Instead, there is a long interview process where the company decides if the bars are “good enough” to carry their beer. 

“They’ve made this the holy grail of beer,” Cross said. “The beer itself is good, but they have made it so limited that people don’t have a way to compare it to any others.”

When Broad Street Public House releases a keg of the Younger this week, they will also offer another beer from a brewery in Paso Robles so that customers will have a chance to compare the beer side by side with another.

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