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The faculty member who raised racial profiling allegations against University Police completed an intake interview with Cal Poly’s Office of Equal Opportunity, according to California Faculty Association (CFA) President Lewis Call.

“We are hopeful that the university’s investigation will now be able to proceed promptly,” Call wrote in an email to Mustang News.

University administration brought the case to the Office of Equal Opportunity at the end of Fall 2019, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier. The allegations surfaced when the CFA sent an email to union members alleging a faculty member of color was placed in handcuffs, searched for weapons and released without a citation or reason during fall quarter. The email was sent on Thursday, Nov. 14, but did not specify the exact date the alleged incident occurred. 

The CFA, who is representing the faculty member, is keeping their identity confidential at this time.

Privacy concerns prohibit the university from discussing or acknowledging any specific Office of Equal Opportunity investigations, Lazier said.

The case was also turned over to the California Deputy Attorney General at the end of Fall 2019, according to Lazier. The attorney general’s office is unable to confirm or deny an ongoing investigation, according to a spokesperson.

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