Jessica, my name is Brian. I and the other 450 liberal studies majors couldn’t help but read your letter. Were you serious or were you trying to be ironic? If you were being ironic or sarcastic, you need to work on your sense of irony and your sense of humor because people in our major thought you were serious. I know the administration did. I know I did.

I, BRIAN, am not in the major just to find a husband. With my schedule, I hardly have enough time to manage having a steady girlfriend, let alone a husband. And I don’t know how well I would handle giving birth. Yikes! But, I digress.

If you were being serious, then, WOW is all I’m going to say right now. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, so I will wait for your response to tear you a new one on behalf of all LS majors everywhere. People already have bad enough misconceptions about teachers, much of which is fueling support for the governor’s ridiculous propositions on the upcoming special election (that’s right republicans, I said ridiculous, but that’s for another fight and another day). At a time when all of California’s public employees are under attack, the last thing we need is someone convincing people that California’s 300,000-plus teachers are just people whose college didn’t have a home economics major.

Brian Baker

Liberal studies senior

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