Jessica Potter’s letter is degrading, not only to liberal studies majors, but to all women. The idea that liberal studies majors might be in it for the sole purpose of stimulating the minds of children, is apparently far too profound for her to grasp. I’d like to know who this “we” is that she refers to when she states, “We all came into Cal Poly with one intention; to snag a soon-to-be well-to-do engineer, architect or businessman and live in suburbia for the rest of our happy lives.”

I had the gratifying opportunity to tutor a 9-year-old boy who came from China into a school where classes are instructed in both, English and Spanish. He knew neither language when we started, but by the time he took his first set of tests, he passed every one of them. That was the moment I knew I wanted to pursue a teaching career.

Women in every major at Cal Poly should take pride in being just as capable as their male classmates and future co-workers of reaching whatever they propose for themselves. By striving to follow what they are passionate about, be it to stay at home as a housewife, or become an aerospace engineer, they are taking their own steps in the long road women have traveled to gain their place in society. Let’s not take steps backwards in foolish attempts at belittling other women’s careers.

Deborah Meister

Liberal studies freshman

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