After a petition circulated online, the Cal Poly Registrar’s Office has amended missing student Kristin Smart’s transcripts.

The petition states Smart’s final grades reflected all “Fs” and one “Incomplete” after disappearing on May 25, 1996 and not showing up for her finals.

University policy states that the Registrar’s Office can make necessary changes to a student’s transcript after receiving official notice of a student’s death, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier. However, in the years immediately following her disappearance, Kristin Smart was not legally considered deceased.

Once Smart was declared legally dead in 2002, Lazier said the Registrar’s Office never received an official notice.

“Upon learning of this, the university’s senior leadership immediately instructed the Registrar’s Office to make the necessary changes,” Lazier wrote in an email to Mustang News. “As of today, Kristin’s final transcripts have been changed to ‘W’s’ to reflect ‘withdrawn.’”

The petition was started by Kristie Sheets after she listened to the “In Your Own Backyard” podcast by Chris Lambert.

“As a mother, my heart absolutely breaks for her family and everything that they have been through,” Sheets said in an interview with Mustang News. “I felt really compelled to do something.”

The petition has more than 4,000 signatures.

“I believe that this will be the year the Smart family will be able to bring Kristin home and I don’t think that’s possible without the continuing support from the community,” Sheets said.

Kristin, a Cal Poly freshman, was last seen walking towards her Muir Hall room in 1996.

Earlier this week, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff has served four new search warrants in the ongoing case.

Last week, the Sheriff’s Office revealed they currently hold two trucks in evidence that belonged to Paul Flores’ family members at the time of Smart’s disappearance. Flores, a former Cal Poly student, was the last person to see Smart prior to her disappearance.

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