The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is revealing a new piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation on the disappearance of freshman Kristin Smart in 1996. 

The Sheriff’s Office said in a news release the department currently holds two trucks in evidence that belonged to Paul Flores’ family members at the time of Smart’s disappearance.

Flores, a former Cal Poly student, was the last person to see Smart prior to her disappearance. At a 1997 deposition for the case, Flores refused to answer any questions, and pleaded the Fifth Amendment 27 times.

The Sheriff’s Detective Division has a team of investigators and forensic specialists who are actively working on the Kristin Smart case. 

File | Mustang News

A total of $62,000 and 7,500 employee hours has been spent on the investigation by the Sheriff’s Office since 2011, according to the news release. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office said they have served 18 search warrants, re-examined every item of physical evidence seized in the case and conducted 91 interviews. 

The Sheriff’s Office said no further information will be released about the case at this time. 

The story of Smart has been documented in a new podcast series “Your Own Backyard,” which made its debut Sept. 30, 2019. A new episode dropped Wednesday, Jan. 29. 

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