Mariecar Mendoza

Three days ago this died tragically

Now it’s time I put you away

Force some logic and closure

Inside the box where you’ll stay

The black flowers line your casket

Where I lay you to rest

Though I love to burn you down to ash

I find this preservation best

My poems act as eulogies

Of the good times we had spent

I pray silently over the wilted

Remains of the bouquet that you sent

A receipt, a card, a mix cd

Throw in that stuffed bear I carried

Inside the shoe box and away from me

Into my closet where you’ll be buried

Fear not, I will visit your grave

In times of morose desperation

But for now I let you die

With a final incantation

Even though you still live and breathe

A thousand miles away

Somehow I must confine you

Inside the box where you’ll stay

– Robyn Kontra

Journalism sophomore

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