In response to Brian Eller’s commentary, I would like to say that I am appalled by the fact that some people are so close-minded about the major issues facing the environment. Since when does the holocaust have anything to do with global warming? How did Michael Crichton even come up with such a ludicrous analogy? How could rational steps world leaders take to curb environmental destruction kill millions?

I’m not saying the Kyoto Protocol is without flaw, but there should definitely be action taken to ensure that future generations have an environment that is in better (or at least no worse) shape than it is now. Thousands of scientists who agree with the global warming theory cannot be accused of pseudo-science; the ones who can are surely the ones such conservatives as Eller and George W. Bush listen to.

The things they tell Bush are probably just what he wants to hear: “Our sources tell us that the fight against global warming will cost the U.S. $94 trillion. You might as well spend that invading another country instead.” Eller says the money could be spent a number of other ways – one of them is to provide clean drinking water. Hellooooo. Another byproduct of caring for the environment. This is not to say that the responsibility of protecting Mother Earth lies only in the hands of government; it lies with all of us. Recycling and other sustainable practices are a lot easier than you might think.

Evin Lambert

Environmental horticulture junior

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