Nick Coury

The few nights during the month when I go out to the bars or a friend’s house party, I make sure to get my hair did and look good, in a manner of speaking. When it comes to sexuality, I’m pretty much your average straight guy, but for some reason I have been picked up and flirted with by more gay guys than straight girls. I am curious about this odd phenomenon.

Recently, at a friend’s birthday party, I left feeling that I was hit on by her gay friends. Very comfortable with myself, I was flattered and admitted to my friend that the guy was cute. This is one of many examples of my flirtation with the same sex. Being very much straight, I find it funny and I am OK with it happening. If anything, it’s an opportunity to make a new friend: a platonic friend.

I’m just a very open person and whatever people choose to do with their sexuality is OK with me..

Some of my favorite music artists are those who have a lesbian following, such as Tegan and Sara, KT Tunstall and Melissa Etheridge. My friend, a lesbian folk musician, and I listen to similar artists. She cleared up my sexuality for me. “You’re a straight guy, but I’m attracted to you.” She made me an honorary lesbian.

I love short hair and like a girl who wears sweaters and glasses. Some people may call this look a bit masculine, but hey, I like it. People should be able to dress however they want and feel comfortable being who they really are.

On another note, I also realized that I do not really have a crush on many actresses or female musicians. I would, however, marry Johnny Depp if he was OK with it and am I love with Jack White.

To my credibility, I do like girls and cannot wait to have sex with one (read my old Velvet Rope for more on that). I like the finer things in life; jazz music, good wine, cooking and scrabble. Except for hockey, I’m not much into sports.

I may be more in touch with my feminine side and I am OK with that. In my opinion, more people need to be open to not following societal norms and be themselves, regardless of how others may percieve them.

I’m totally flattered with anyone finding me attractive enough to flirt with me. So girls, and guys for that matter, see you around campus.

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