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Left behind, but left with good advice

Paul Bittick As graduation for many super-seniors is approaching, some of us less fortunate juniors are stuck on this wonderful campus for another year of educational bliss. Many of my friends will be graduating in a week and leaving me to fend for myself during times of senioritis (I hear it is a serious situation), […]

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Welcome to 'Club Alum'

Mariecar Mendoza It is 1:01 a.m. and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” is blaring from my television. But it’s not Conan’s jokes that are keeping me awake, nor is it the screen’s glow or my computer’s hum. It’s this darn thing: The goodbye. The adieu. The farewell. I knew it was near; shoot, I cursed […]

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Walking the plank of graduation

Katie Hofstetter As a graduating senior, there is one question that I hate above all else. It’s the dreaded, “What are your plans for next year?” Each time I hear it, I have to pause for a minute, allowing the “Dodgeball”-style bit of throw-up that has entered my throat to subside, and forcing back the […]

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Memorial Day movies: big guns, big bucks

Amy Asman “Oooh, man didya zeee da mooviee about tat guuyy witda boat ontop of that giiiiant wave?! That wasss AWWWSOME?” This previous blurb of drunk-speak is actually an excessively intoxicated friend of mine asking whether or not I had seen the movie “Poseidon.” Or what I like to call: “Poseidon: The Ultimate Lame-o Memorial […]

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Hi, I'm married

Jandy Jones Spring break marks a time when students can go away to far-off places and party. I also celebrated my one-year-wedding anniversary over spring break. Yes, I am married. I am 22 years old and have been married for a year. When people find out I am married they look at me like I […]