Cal Poly released a computerized degree progress report (DPR) this quarter, providing an easy way for students to check their current credit and graduation status through the My Cal Poly Portal.

Maureen Muller, associate registrar at evaluations and articulations, said she hopes students use the report as a tool to help them graduate.

“It’s a way for students to track their progress on a daily and quarterly basis,” Muller said. “We hope it will help with students getting out on time.”

The degree progress report uses live data, which automatically updates each quarter as students add and drop classes, make substitutions, transfer coursework and update any information on file with the evaluations office.

Kimi M. Ikeda, assistant vice provost of systems and resource management said the report reflects the complicated curriculum and degree requirements at Cal Poly.

The computerized report classifies courses into necessary requirements. Since a particular course might meet a few different requirements, the system will determine which courses fit best at that time.

The degree progress report is available to all students. According to Muller, those admitted fall 2007 or later will have a more complete picture of the system. The report is not yet complete for transfer student work, but all of the courses taken at Cal Poly will be where they need to be.

“If we can’t provide the complete picture on the electronic report, we will update students with another graduation evaluation. In a few years we are going to be completely on the degree progress report,” Muller said.

Muller said the intention of the report is not to replace academic advising but to be used in conjunction with other helpful resources in the graduating process.

Finishing on time needs to be a priority for students, Ideka said, which means taking at least 15 units a quarter for those in degree programs that require 180 units and taking courses at the times they are offered rather than when preferred.

Ikeda said that all students should meet with advisors if they have questions, review the flow charts posted by the departments to review course and sequencing requirements and review the Cal Poly catalog to understand their non-course degree requirements.

There are two graduating ceremonies: the fall ceremony for those graduating in the fall and spring ceremony for those graduating in the spring, winter or summer quarters. Graduating is different than walking in the ceremony as it means all requirements have been finished for a degree.

Students are asked to file for a graduation evaluation four quarters in advance of the term they predict they will graduate in order to give the university an appropriate amount of time to process and update the information. The evaluations office sends out an evaluation, which lists completed coursework as well as remaining requirements two quarters before graduation. Ideally, Muller said, any students filing to graduate next spring would file now.

Muller added that the evaluations office sends out e-mails periodically to students who have 130 credits to inform them that if they haven’t filed for graduation, it’s a good time to do so.

Transfer students have a curriculum sheet from the evaluations office that shows how courses were transferred and what requirements they fulfill.

“What happens right now is that before you get your evaluation, you have two quarters where you’re taking course work and you don’t really know where you stand,” Muller said. “When you get the evaluation, you have to be diligent to update it all of the time. When you file for graduation you’re still kind of in the dark.”

El Corral Bookstore receives a list of students eligible for the graduating term and sends out information regarding commencement.

Muller said there is a lot more information this report can provide regarding classes that students need to take, which will allow the university to plan better with course offerings.

“We’ve received some comments back from students and they seem genuinely pleased with the report because it helps them up front with what they’ve taken and what they still need,” Muller said.

The degree progress report can be accessed through the Student Portal page on the Student Center (CPReg) channel. Directly under the link for grades is a link for the degree progress.

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