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Information about birth control and advice on medical choices regarding birth control methods are available at Cal Poly’s own Health Center.

Located in building 27 next to the Rec Center and Peer Health Education, the Health Center has a team specifically trained for sex information called EROS (Educational Resources on Sexuality).

This team has a workshop on Oct. 28 from 8:10 to 9:45 a.m. in the Christopher Cohan Center, (building 6, room 124), which will focus on contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

“The workshops are more friendly to walk-ins getting information. It is kind of anonymous,” said earth science sophomore Steve Visosky, an assistant at the EROS office.

A full pharmacy is located upstairs where students can fill prescriptions for both birth control and other prescribed medication. Because the pharmacy is on campus and supported by student fees, pharmacists can fill prescriptions at lower prices than most third party pharmacies like those located in grocery stores.

Next to the pharmacy is also a window where students can purchase over-the-counter birth control items like condoms. The California State University system sells Kimono brand condoms, but other brands are available through EROS.

Peer Health Education lists the EROS team as an informational source for HIV/AIDS and sexual assault or harassment in its current brochure.

The Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC) Health Clinic is also open to all students for sexual health information, located off campus at 705 Grade Ave. The office provides free and confidential information on condoms and other birth control methods, emergency contraception (the morning after pill), pregnancy tests and counseling, and HIV/STI checks and treatment.

Visitors can walk in and grab a free “Safer Sex Pack,” which includes 30 condoms and 2 flavored lubricants placed in a Chinese food takeout box.

EOC also offers a pamphlet with detailed information on emergency contraception, hormonal methods, intrauterine contraception (IUC), barrier methods such as condoms, spermicides, sterilization and lactation amenorrhea methods (LAM). Details and descriptions on these methods are in the pamphlet.

In California, emergency contraception is available from trained pharmacists without a doctor prescription. To find approved pharmacies, call (800) 323-1336.

Although walk-ins are welcome at the EOC, appointments are encouraged to reduce waiting time by calling 489-4026. The EOC will also be hosting a clinic this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The EOC Health Center can be reached at 544-2498 for more information.

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