Jandy Jones

Spring break marks a time when students can go away to far-off places and party. I also celebrated my one-year-wedding anniversary over spring break.

Yes, I am married.

I am 22 years old and have been married for a year. When people find out I am married they look at me like I am a freak show.

I dread the first day of class because of having to introduce myself and explain that I am married. I remember during one of my classes this past winter my professor asked, “What is it like to be married?”

My response was “it’s life.” This created quite a few chuckles and I had to explain why I said what I did.

It is what I know, and as cliche as it sounds, I wouldn’t change it if my life depended on it.

My husband and I dated for three and a half years before we realized we were serious about each other. We decided to get married and our families were very supportive.

My parents, his parents and his brother were all married young and they were not opposed to our decision. However, our friends weren’t happy.

Most of our friends thought we were making a terrible decision and it would ruin us for the rest of our lives. The males usually commented about his being stuck to one woman for the rest of his life.

It is really hard to make a life-changing decision and not have the support of friends. But our minds were made and we were married on a cold, rainy day in March.

So far we have had minor disputes and several events that have brought us even closer. At times we want to strangle each other but the thought passes fairly quickly.

Balancing school and marriage is the same as balancing school and a serious relationship, except that marriage is a little harder to back out of.

Being married is like having a permanent support system. My husband is more than willing to help me out and has been forced to go to more than his fair share of events.

He is my greatest critic and is willing to read the stories I write for the “Mustang Daily.” I accept his honesty better than most because I know what he says is out of love and he wants me to do the best I can.

It is frustrating the way people react to my marriage. Some are more accepting than others and I appreciate people that don’t ask ridiculous questions like “why?”

I am not ashamed to be married but I do hate answering stupid questions.

Since our marriage we have had several other friends get married. We support their decision and don’t ask “why?” – instead we congratulate them.

At times I question my decision to get married. I wonder whether I should have waited and dated some more. But I know I made the right decision.

Recently, a male friend was debating on whether or not he wanted to ask his long-time girlfriend to marry him.

My husband told him that at times he asks himself “What the hell was I thinking?” but he knows he wouldn’t change his decision for the world.

Our marriage isn’t a regret in either of our minds. It was the best decision of our lives.

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