In the midst of exams, projects, and everything else we juggle, everyone can appreciate having a little extra time to have fun. Erin and the Earthquakes, the premiere party band of the Central Coast, is shaking up Charlie’s Place with a free concert from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 29. In the words of their drummer, this will be “the best February 29th party in the next four years”. Centered around empowering female vocals and having a good time, Erin and the Earthquakes bring a unique blend of Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, covers, and originals.

Erin, the lead vocalist, is always the life of the party that gets everyone up on their feet. Growing up with a strong 60’s music influence, her style encompasses passion and liveliness that every audience can groove to.

Chris Roullard is one with his guitar and is nicknamed “Mr. Stoic”, as he has the perfect one-liners to sum up any situation. Chris and Erin started their musical journey together six years ago as the group Duet2it. Today, their combined sound continues to bring life and originality to every show they perform.

Joining Erin and the Earthquakes is Johnny Punches, bringing 30 years of central coast bass experience. Johnny is well-known around San Luis Obispo for being able to jam out any song requested.

Dan Robba, Erin and the Earth Quakes’ drummer, does much more than construct the band’s unique upbeat tempo. Dan is nicknamed “The Dealer” for his resourcefulness. In charge of equipment, lighting and sound so that the band can thrive, Dan seams together the set. As the handyman for every venture, Dan is the man that facilitates the unforgettable shows Erin and the Earthquakes perform everywhere they go.

Check out Erin and the Earthquakes on Spotify and bring your friends to the leap year party you’ll never forget. At a venue with great food, drinks, and good times, Erin and the Earthquakes will be sure to rock your night with a magnitude of 10.5.

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