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Will Smith’s relationship guru character in “Hitch” is based on the individual, real-life experiences of David Coleman, better known as the self proclaimed “Dating Doctor.”

PULSE (Peers, Understanding, Listening, Speaking, Educating) is a Cal Poly organization that worked hard to bring in Coleman for this event.

Coleman will deliver his relationship advice at Chumash Auditorium tonight at 8 p.m., with a question-and-answer session following his presentation.

Director of PULSE Rojean Dominguez said the key component to the evening’s presentation is “how to spot a lover/loser,” which is not meant to be romantically inclined but rather about relationships in general.

“It’s a phenomenal opportunity for people to come and learn,” Dominguez said.

“Even if you’ve been in a relationship for two days, two months, two years or you’re not in a relationship, you can still learn from the information that he’s going to impart.”

Graphic communication senior Krystine Gauthier, who created the promotional material for the event, spoke of her excitement in seeing Coleman.

“You really don’t think about all the work that goes into something like this,” Gauthier said. “It’s really exciting to see everyone come together for this one event.”

Dominguez said there are approximately 350 seats already guaranteed to be full and another 150 event-goers are on the list under reserve status.

“We worked for a long time to bring David and we are glad he is finally here,” Dominguez said. “This will be an incredible evening and it is going to be a lot of fun.”

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