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The members of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity will be hosting the first annual “Greek Goddess” philanthropic event tonight from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Downtown Brewing Co. in San Luis Obispo.

The proceeds from the event will be divided between Cal Poly’s Sexual Assault Free Environment Resource (SAFER) Organization and the Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention (SARP) Center, which is based in San Luis Obispo County.

Both organizations are concerned with the prevention of sexual assault, offering counseling and treatment services to victims of sexual assault and offering community awareness programs.

“It’s great that the fraternity is changing their focus as a group because without the help of men, sexual assault will always be a problem,” said Bryce Wallington, business junior and associate coordinator of SAFER Men.

One woman from each Cal Poly sorority is eligible to participate as a contestant in the event, which is described as a hybrid between a pageant and a talent show.

There will be three events that will be scored by judges present at the event. The first activity will be a sports time trial that will include trivia as well as a football toss, shooting a basketball, a Beirut shot and flip cup.

The second activity will be based on fashion and also involves trivia, while the third event will ask questions meant to portray the participant’s personality and will also include a five-minute talent performance from each contestant.

“Our No. 1 goal is to raise money and awareness as well as negate the stereotype that is typically associated with being in a fraternity,” said Josh Raskoff, recreation administration junior and Engineered Leadership position holder of Delta Sigma Phi.

The fraternity has raised $3,000 in donations from sponsors and estimates another $3,000 will be raised from ticket sales for the event.

The event has local sponsors such as Splash Café, Coverings, S.W.A.T, Downtown Brew, SLO Surf Company, Synergy Screen Printing and Graphics and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates.

“We have sponsors from all over town, which can be used as an opportunity to get to know the local companies that are helping to support us through the event,” Raskoff said.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at ticketweb.com and at the Downtown Brew Box Office for $8, or at the door for $10.

Downtown Brew is located at 1119 Garden St. in downtown San Luis Obispo.

“It seems like this event is going to be nice because it’s not just about a focus on looks but on who the girls really are, and the proceeds will really help our organization,” Wallington said.

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