Clearly, when you want to say someone was wrong to attack another, the best way to do it is to attack them. I was amazed at the sheer volume of responses to Jack Ingram’s column yesterday. Guess what, it’s HIS column and he actually managed to turn his retort into a general talk, analyzing Nick’s beliefs, which he felt many others shared. It’s called the soapbox, people! Now, me personally, I like to state how I disagree with someone’s views without making personal assumptions about that person. That’s just me, and someone might respond to this letter differently. The point is, it’s their right to express their opinion and if we hold to this belief it should apply to everyone’s voice equally. Nick had a right to say what he wanted, and so did Jack, as do you. Just don’t be surprised if someone writes back.

On that note, I would like to ask Scott to take a closer look at our government’s international relations in regards to “(America) supports democracy in the face of oppression all over the world.” Research America’s support of Pakistan, Chile, Afghanistan, Cuba, and Iraq, to name a very few. You’ll be surprised at the amount of democratically-elected governments we’ve helped replace with “free democracies,” that were dictatorships. All I’m saying is I would like you to have the correct facts when you make your arguments. America has a long history (past and present) of supporting oppression, like many other nations, and I just feel it’s a shame to ignore that.

Rebeka Levin

Psychology senior

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