This letter is in response to Jack Ingram’s article “It’s an opinion …” and “Are you a terrorist?” Jack writes, “When I applied for this position as a columnist, I did so with the intention of ‘popping’ something.”

Wow. You did? This makes me think that the Mustang Daily is like Taco Bell – they’ll take anybody. For some reason, “Jack” enjoys putting certain “words” in quotation “marks” when there is absolutely no reason for “it.” Even the (parenthesis) often “pop” into Jack’s column.

Did it make you feel better to chastise Nick Wallingford in your little inane column? You came off as bully, straight out of high school. Why didn’t you challenge Nick to see if he can grow a mustache as fast as you can, that might solve your “I am smarter than you” dilemma eh Odoyle. Just because your opinion is yours doesn’t make it right. I hope most people see through your misplaced attempt to compose an intelligent article as I have.

I call on you to use your column in this “designated public forum” to write a piece that has real substance instead of the same regurgitated commentary material that the Mustang Daily has been printing since 2002.

Luke Arehart

Architecture junior

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