Can you imagine a country where one small group of elitists controls the whole country and its resources, where there is no such thing as voting, free speech or even in some cases, the right to have more than one child? I can, it’s called communism. You should feel lucky that we “fascists” over here let you say whatever you please, no matter how ludicrous it may be.

Now let’s just get it out of the way that you couldn’t be more correct about intelligent design, it’s just ridiculous. That’s about all I agree with.

You make it seem as though conservatives want back-alley abortions and want babies to be extracted from the womb with coat hangers. Not true, they don’t want abortions in the first place, but they realistically accept that it is impossible to completely wipe out. As you failed to point out, conservatives also support insane laws like letting girls drop off their babies at hospitals.

Isn’t it even more of a logical leap of faith to support the killing of innocent unborn babies when you also oppose killing vicious murderers? How can people who claim to be “pro-life” in one instance be “pro-death” in another?

A note to all Ingram supporters who may write a letter to the editor: Sorry this response is so disarrayed, I was busy campaigning for lower wages for women and making black people use the “special” water fountain.

And on that note, my 250 words are up!

Joe Anderson

Statistics sophomore

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