Alex Kavanaugh demonstrates how Kick-it Points gives users discounts at local restaurants such as Pluto's, Creeky Tiki and Breakfast Buzz. Brett Foreman | Courtesy Photo

A new app created by business administration alumnus Brett Foreman uses adventure and exploration to connect students with local businesses in the community. Its name is Kick-it Points, and it pairs deals and discounts with activities in the area, allowing consumers to claim rewards based on their location.

Users get rewards for participating in activities, attending events and completing daily tasks. Tasks include working out at the Recreation Center or studying at the library. One featured deal gave users discounts for taking a stroll across Dexter Lawn.

When a user downloads Kick-it Points, they have access to a map that displays the locations of available deals in San Luis Obispo. Consumers can then claim the deals through the app once they reach the Kick-it location.

“Deals can be anything,” Foreman said.  “I do, however, have a discount floor of 20 percent off. So if businesses want to be featured, they have to meet that minimum requirement.”

This is to avoid overwhelming users with discounts they won’t be incentivized by, according to Foreman.

Some current deals are “Buy One Get One Free” at Pita Pit and 20 percent off 3-liter beers from The Grill House.

Creator Brett Foreman (left) works with local businesses to create Kick-it Points deals. Brett Foreman | Courtesy Photo

Kick-it Points has partnered with 11 local companies so far, ranging from bars in downtown San Luis Obispo like Frog and Peach to popular brunch spots like Breakfast Buzz.

The app has attracted 400 users since its official launch Oct. 31, including graphic communication junior Isabel Brulé.

“It’s so easy and you don’t have to do much,” Brulé said. “It has a social and positive impact where people are getting outside more. I think that’s pretty cool that it’s promoting hanging out with your friends.”

Foreman graduated from Cal Poly in 2017 and began the business as a solo venture in the hopes to promote a “cycle of healthy engagement.”

“Every year a fourth of the college is a set of new eyes,” Foreman said.  “[The app] definitely helps people get acclimated to what’s going on in the area, what are cool opportunities, where cool places to be and eat are.”

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