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For Katie Breyman, liberal arts and engineering studies was the perfect major.

“I was having to choose between my studies and my interests. Liberal arts and engineering studies (LAES) gave me the opportunity to combine them,” LAES senior Breyman said.

Breyman took a class that helped her decide to pursue LAES.

“LAES opened my eyes to how group projects can work well. It also introduced me to escape rooms, which completely changed the course of what I want to do with my life,” Breyman said.

Breyman’s hard work and love for her major is evident according to Katie Miller, a friend of Breyman’s, who observes much of Breyman’s day-to-day life as an LAES major.

“Katie is studying all the time. I would say she gets somewhat stressed by her major classes, but I know she loves what she’s doing,” animal science senior Miller said.

According to Breyman, there are other sets of challenges involved outside of keeping busy within the major.

“For me, at least, it is figuring out what goals are the best fit for me after graduation. That, and getting to know everyone in the major since nearly everyone has a different combination of concentrations, there are not as many chances to see other LAES majors in class, with a few exceptions,” Breyman said.

But despite these shortcomings, including the immense amount of work, the major seems to be worth it for Breyman, according to Miller.

“I can tell she is really into and passionate about the subject matter and about what she is learning, despite the workload,” Miller said.

Preparing for a career with LAES

Finally, the LAES major can set students up for their dream jobs.

  “My dream job would be either a Disney Imagineer, or a designer of branded escape rooms, like escape rooms that are licensed by entertainment companies to promote a new release. Part of me just really wants to design a Nancy Drew-themed escape room,” Breyman said.

Because of the potential opportunities her major opens up, Breyman feels confident in the direction she’s going.

Breyman’s studies don’t interfere with her life in a way that is troublesome to her, she said.

“I’ve found that LAES helped me balance my passions. I love theater and theatrical design, but I’ve also been into engineering for as long as I can remember,” Breyman said. “With LAES, I can bring together those two areas, and create something wonderful from it.”

Having a major that can unite passions together is a definite benefit for Breyman, and is part of the reason she chose to pursue LAES at Cal Poly.

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