Today, Sept. 23, is the last day to add, drop or swap a class for fall quarter.

Students often drop classes due to schedule conflicts, the difficulty level of a class, getting off the waitlist for another class or having other obligations such as work or extracurricular activities. 

Agricultural and environmental plant sciences sophomore Ashly Wisehart dropped Art 111 because she wanted to lighten her course load. She said she felt she was enrolled in too many units, and decided to take the same GE requirement at a community college.

Wisehart said she was happy with her decision because she knew it would save her a lot of time this quarter.

Another reason students tend to drop classes is because they prefer a certain teaching method. Because classes are online, professors are offering their classes in synchronous and asynchronous formats. Synchronous classes have specific meeting days and times while asynchronous classes are taught in a self-guided manner.

Business administration junior Megan Wong dropped her Industrial Technology and Packaging (ITP) class because it was asynchronous. 

“When classes are asynchronous, it is harder to hold myself accountable for my work,” Wong said. “I like it when classes have specific meeting times because it makes it easier to stay on top of my work.”

She said she feels relieved after switching into a different ITP class that meets the same requirement but meets regularly. 

To drop a class, students can log onto their Cal Poly Portal and click on the Student Center tab. Next, click on “Enroll” and then select the Drop tab. Select the class that is going to be dropped, and click the “Drop Selected Classes” button. Lastly, click on the “Finish Dropping” button. 

After the drop period has ended, students can withdraw from a class, but they must do so by submitting a course withdrawal petition with approval signatures, according to the Office of the Registrar.

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