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In most cases, university education focuses on objective truths. The Law of Gravity, chemical principles and the evolution of humanity, for example. In cases where it cannot be an objective truth, such as in an English or other arts class, they focus on critical thinking, and debate is encouraged.

The classes that SLO Solidarity wants do not focus on objective truths. There are many of us that do not support the modern feminism movement, because it has deviated from what feminism truly is. There are those of us that support LGBT rights, but don’t want your sexuality shoved in our faces. There are those of us that acknowledge that racial and cultural minorities can be racist toward whites.

These are all very opinionated things, and would do well in a debate-centered class. However, SLO Solidarity does not want them to be opinionated. They want them to be presented as objective truths. If you disagree with them, they want you to be marked as wrong. This is nothing short of propaganda.

The rest of SLO Solidarity’s “demands” also detract from our education. They do not make the university more inclusive. They only serve to divide us more. SLO Solidarity will be the dividing line between students who are simply here for an education, and two sides of radical students who refuse to admit that they can be wrong.

Fight SLO Solidarity’s “demands.” Tell them that we will not be bullied like this. They think that by oppressing the majority, their stance in life will be better. They think that they can blame their own problems on biases against them for their race, culture, sexuality or sex. This is bullying, plain and simple.

Take a stand and fight.

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