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My name is Alana Billik, I am a junior pre-veterinary student at Cal Poly, and I am an active member of Alpha Phi [of the Epsilon Chi chapter]. I have various personal opinions about the current situation in the greek life community.

I have made an effort to maintain an open mind and remain relatively neutral, despite the explosion of incredibly biased media. However, I am very bothered by how the administration has treated greek life as a completely separate entity from those personally affected by these prejudiced actions.

For instance, when Milo Yiannopoulos was permitted to speak on campus last year, resulting in the handing out of neo-Nazi flyers around campus by students, there was very limited response, if any. As a Jew, I was very personally disturbed by this occurrence and extremely disappointed in the lack of consequences. To be perfectly honest I do not even remember what the ending result of the situation was. But really, that is the point. Rather than appropriately addressing each situation on an individual, situational basis, all of greek life is being martyred to make an example for every racially and culturally insensitive action that has occurred on this campus.

This further creates a divide within the student population, as it is portrayed like every member involved with greek life is immune to these types of hurtful actions. Beyond that, we are made out to be the cause. Not a single word that has come from Armstrong has acknowledged that members within greek life may be affected as well. But we are just as personally offended by hateful actions. We are equally as angry. As a member of greek life, I am facing the consequences of the suspension. But truthfully, it’s not about the social events or other repercussions that we are facing. None of that matters, or will make any real difference. Suspending all of greek life lacks any sort of positive outcome or direction in which we can proceed in a productive manner.

Rather than creating further problems and separation between students involved in greek life and students that aren’t, measures should be taken to help bring the student body together as an equal, single entity. Measures should be taken so that this can become a learning experience in terms of becoming aware of how our actions affect others. In demonizing all of greek life, the administration has labeled all of us as insensitive and hateful, which is ultimately not only entirely wrong, but it is incredibly insulting. I am a hard-working student, I am involved in greek life, and I deserve protection too. I am a voice from the middle ground. I do not see another human being as less than me for any reason, whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, background, economic class etc. So I do not see why we are looked at as lesser human beings for the organizations that we are affiliated with.

Something definitely needs to change. But it needs to be change that encourages the diverse population of students to come together, despite who they are or what they are associated with, and work together to see each other as equals.

Thank you for your time,

Alana Billik

*This letter has been edited for clarity. 

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