A new website created by San Luis Obispo resident Rachel Hamann features an updated listing of local resources remaining open amid the many closures following the COVID-19 outbreak. What’s Open in SLO? is updated multiple times per day, and includes a section titled “Today’s Featured Cool Happening” that highlights a daily local event. 

Hamann also owns Dot and Cross Studio, a custom design shop. Part of her work includes making signs and menus for local venues, which inspired her to create the website as a resource.

“I was trying to think of some way that I can put something back out there and help the community, because it’s mostly bars and restaurants who have given me all my work,” Hamann said.

The types of businesses listed on the site range from restaurants and virtual shopping programs to online fitness classes. 

“I have been trying now to add in people like myself who are freelancers – hairstylists, musicians, people who are personal trainers who are still trying to offer things to people online or however they can to still make a little cash or whatever they can do while this is happening,” Hamann said.

Hamann makes no money from maintaining this site, but said that it rather allows her to give back to San Luis Obispo residents who are currently sheltering in place.

“It gives me something that is positive to hold on to, and I know that by putting this out there I am connecting with my community,” Hamann said. “I think that connection is really important to me right now.”

Hamann also enlisted the help of local resident Mark Mantel, who created an Instagram page for the site that has gained more than 1,300 followers.

“I am just hoping it is one place people can go to and have it be really easy to navigate,” Hamann said. “A few clicks and [users] can see in their own town what’s open, where they can go, who they can support – maybe something interesting.”

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect that Mark Mantel, not Hamann, created and currently operates the site’s Instagram page.

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