Holly Burke

The ordinance to restrict the location of a new sewage system and wastewater treatment facility in Los Osos, Measure B-05, is currently prevailing in an incredibly close election.

Unofficial election results say Measure B has 50.13 percent of the community’s votes, narrowly surpassing the “no” vote. Though election day was Tuesday, absentee ballots will be counted within the next couple of days, and with such a narrow margin, results could go either way.

Community Service District (CSD) members Stan Gustafson, Gordon Hensley and Richard Legros were also on the ballot and all three may be voted out of position. They may now be replaced by members John H. Fouche, a professional civil engineer, Chuck Cesena, an environmental planner and Steve Senet, also a professional civil engineer, all of whom support Measure B.

The city of Los Osos is torn with the decision. The project for a new sewage system was first approved in 1987. Since its approval, costs have escalated over 300 percent. Measure B will put more restrictions on the project. However, proponents for the measure believe a less expensive and more environmentally sound system can be built.

Charles Merz, a biochemistry senior and former Los Osos resident, was glad to hear the measure may pass.

“They wanted to build a sewer in the middle of town, which is pretty ridiculous. They wanted to build in between a church, a library and a school. I heard it would also cost residents $2,000 to hook up to the system, and it would also be expensive for them to maintain.”

Ben Potter, a recreation administration senior, is also supportive of the measure.

“I can understand why they don’t want (the sewage system). I hear it’s right in the middle of town and it seems like it would smell pretty bad.”

Many students are unaware of the issue. When first hearing of the issue, Sarah Robinson, an animal science senior, said, “If the city doesn’t want (the sewage system) they should vote for the measure. But since it is about 50-50, it depends on the public opinion of that town, not mine.”

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