Microsoft 365 services were down globally for more than three hours on Monday, Sept. 28, which affected Cal Poly accounts and other colleges. 

Since 3 p.m. some people were unable to access Microsoft services such as Outlook, though anyone who was logged into their account before the crash wasn’t affected, according to Microsoft 365’s service status.

The status stated that “the majority of services have been recovered for most customers,” though some users in North America continue to be impacted.

“Our internal monitoring has validated this recovery and we have received positive confirmation from customer reports,” Microsoft’s most recent status said. “We’ll continue to monitor the service and provide updates on full recovery to remaining impacted users.”

Microsoft stated on Twitter the login failures seemed to be caused by a recent system update, though reversing the update didn’t solve the connection issues.

“We’re working to evaluate additional mitigation solutions while we investigate the root cause,”  Microsoft 365 said on Twitter

Cal Poly Media Relations Director Matt Lazier says he’s waiting for more information regarding issues with Outlook, and Cal Poly Information Technology Services continues to monitor Microsoft services for updates.

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